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Mayfly Assortment Fly


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About the Mayfly Assortment Fly Fishing Gifts Fly

An assortment of Mayflies from our Mayfly range. In this selection, you will receive 10 different Mayfly patterns tied to size 10 and 12 hooks, presented in our slim premium Fish4Flies waterproof flybox.

* Flies included within this pack will be similar to those shown, but individual patterns may vary.

Our expanded 15-pattern flybox extends the variety even further. In addition to the ten Mayfly patterns, you'll receive five additional popular and essential patterns. These include versatile nymphs, the surface-skimming klinkhammers, and the ever-popular Pearly Daddy.

This selection flybox is a great way of receiving a broad range of Mayflies to try out, and the slim flybox can make it an attractive gift.

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