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Welcome to the Global edition of Fish4Flies, a friendly family run online fly fishing store, with a passion for providing the highest quality trout and salmon fishing flies online. Our no quibble friendly customer service lets you shop for flies with confidence in the knowledge that our quality won't let you down. Whether your a seasoned angler, or just starting your fly-fishing journey, we can tailor our flies to your specific needs. Order flies online dispatched worldwide for just $5.76, or free on orders of flies over $51.00.

Our extensive catalog includes both classic and innovative patterns, crafted to enhance your fly fishing experience. Each fly has been hand tied by skilled individuals to meet the unique preferences of anglers everywhere. From bespoke requests to bulk orders, our flexibility ensures that you'll find exactly what you need.

Best Flies for July within United States

As spring begins, the chill in the water contrasts sharply with the strengthening sun. We've crafted a guide for these sunny yet cold conditions, highlighting the most effective fishing flies for early spring.

The below selection of flies are widely used in United States right now in July. It can be quite daunting when choosing from the huge range of fly fishing patterns available on the market, so we have created a quick guide to highlight which flies work best for each season.

We also publish an online monthly Top 10 Chart showcasing the most popular fishing flies each month currently being used on the lakes and rivers throughout the world.

We have an extensive library of 3350 flies online, 2435 of which are trout flies, 612 salmon flies and 69 sea trout patterns. Most flies are available for sale online to regular fly fisherman and fishing clubs with immediate dispatch, and we deliver worldwide.

If there are any fly fishing patterns you wish to see, let us know and we will have our fly tiers produce them for you. We can also supply your shop or club, or even produce your own designs trailered to your needs.

We hope you enjoy your visit, and wish you the best of success on the water; please give us a shout if you require anything as we are always happy to help!

The Fish4Flies Team