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Fish4Flies offers a range of over 3,000 different fly fishing flies for sale online, including Trout, Salmon AtlanticSalmon Pacific / steelheadSaltwater, Sea Trout and Freshwater fish.

All fishing flies are divided into major and minor categories which are best for different conditions and time of year. See the text at the top of each category and sub-category to help choose which fishing flies are most appropriate for you.

Choose a fly of your interest and then pick the hook size and any relevant attributes from those available, then click 'Add to Basket' to buy these flies online. Note that some attributes may have a 1-3 day dispatch time while others which may have to be sourced for you could have a longer have a 1-2 week dispatch period.

Available pack sizes can vary depending on the hook/attributes chosen for each individual fly. We sell most of our range in packs of 3 or multiples, with the exception of 1-2 week products which have a minimum purchase of a 6 pack, and a small selection of high value flies can be purchased individually.

We also offer discounted fly packs of a dozen or more of any single hook type; all of your dozen packs are priced based on 10 flies, so order in dozens to get two free flies. Ordering in dozens of each hook reduces our fulfilment costs, so we pass some of the saving onto our customers, however ordering a dozen flies spread out over several hook ranges does not have the same fulfilment saving, and therefore does not attract this discount.

About our stock ranges

The most popular fly fishing flies in their most popular sizes are held within our local stock and can be delivered immediately.

Less popular flies are held at a remote store and therefore take five to ten working days to deliver.

Some of our flies are classed as 'library flies'. These are flies are available for sale to 'trade customers' on orders between 2-4 dozen. Generally these have a 1-3 month lead time as flies are tied to order. Flies within trade orders attract additional discounts, so please contact us for a quote.

If you require further assistance, are experiencing difficulties with your online order, or wish to get a bit of extra fly fishing advice, please feel free to talk to us. We love to receive feedback from our customers, and always aim to respond promptly to any queries.

All our fly fishing flies are tied to a very high standard using the highest quality materials.