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Ally's Shrimp Cascade Fly

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About the Ally's Shrimp Cascade Salmon Atlantic Fly

The Ally's Shrimp Cascade is a remarkable descendant of the classic Ally's Shrimp, a fly pattern that has gained a near-mythical status among Atlantic salmon anglers. Created in the 1980s by Scottish angler Alastair Gowans, the original Ally's Shrimp quickly became a favourite among salmon fishers due to its effectiveness and enticing design. The Cascade variant emerged as a result of blending the Ally's Shrimp with another popular pattern, the Cascade, and it has since carved its own niche in the world of fly fishing.

The Ally's Shrimp Cascade features a combination of vibrant colours, including orange, yellow, and black, which are known to be particularly attractive to Atlantic salmon. The distinctive design, with its long tail and flowing hackle, effectively imitates the movement of a shrimp in the water, making it irresistible to salmon.

One of the reasons the Ally's Shrimp Cascade has maintained its popularity among salmon anglers is its adaptability to different water conditions and salmon runs. Whether you're fishing in the spring or the autumn, the fly's versatility allows it to be fished at various depths, making it suitable for a range of situations.

The success of the Ally's Shrimp Cascade can also be attributed to the dedication and passion of the fly fishing community. Over the years, anglers from around the world have shared their experiences and tweaked the pattern to suit specific conditions or personal preferences. This continuous exchange of knowledge and improvement has played a significant role in shaping the Ally's Shrimp Cascade into the legendary fly it is today.

Steeped in history and refined by the experiences of countless anglers, this fly pattern has proven its worth time and time again. By understanding the background and evolution of the Ally's Shrimp Cascade, you can appreciate its significance in the world of fly fishing and harness its legendary power on your next salmon fishing adventure.

Expert Tip:

Alastair published his original creation of the Ally's Shrimp in the August edition of Trout and Salmon in 1988.

Writing "It is worth a try any time from late spring to late autumn, and fish have been taken on it from the River Dee, River Tay, Tweed and Esks.", maybe not expecting this to become the historical legendary status that it has achieved.

The Ally's Shrimp is a popular worldwide Salmon pattern, still used throughout Scotland, including the Isle of Skye.

Creator of this salmon atlantic fly: Alastair Gowans

Country of origin for this salmon atlantic fly: Scotland

This salmon atlantic fly is designed to be fished on Rivers & Streams

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