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Bloody Butcher Fly

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About the Bloody Butcher Trout Fly

The creators of this fly were butchers by trade, and in 1838 they changed its name from the original Moon's Fly to the present Bloody Butcher to represent their trade and the blood spattered blue and white aprons they wore at work.

The Bloody Butcher's combination of red and silver creates a highly visible and attractive profile in the water. The red colour often triggers an aggressive response from predatory fish, while the silver adds a flash that mimics the scales of small baitfish.

While the Bloody Butcher is a traditional pattern, approaching 200 years old, it continues to be a popular killer pattern among modern fly fishers, making it a staple in many anglers' fly boxes.

Expert Tip:

Presentation: The Bloody Butcher can be fished using traditional wet fly techniques. It's particularly effective in moving water but can also be used in still waters.

Retrieve: Short, quick strips or a slow, steady retrieve can both be effective. The fly can imitate small baitfish or emerging insects, making it a versatile pattern in various conditions.

Target Species: Originally designed for trout, the Bloody Butcher can also attract salmon, sea trout, and even some panfish.

Pattern Dressings

  • Hook: Wet fly hook, sizes typically range from 10 to 16.
  • Thread: Black or red, depending on personal preference.
  • Tail: Red fibers, often made from hackle or wool.
  • Body: Red floss or silk, sometimes with a ribbing of fine silver tinsel to add durability and a bit of flash.
  • Ribbing: Fine silver tinsel (if not already incorporated into the body).
  • Wing: Silver Badger or furnace hackle tips, tied in flat over the back.
  • Hackle: Red or brown hackle wound as a collar.
  • Head: Black or red thread, finished with a small head.

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