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The Ghillie Fly

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About the The Ghillie Salmon Atlantic Fly

The Ghillie Salmon fly is a popular and versatile pattern that has earned a reputation as a must-have in any salmon angler's fly box. Created by Tony Black, it is tied to a Gold Salar Double hook with a striking combination of yellow, black, and red materials, including a flowing red tail and gold body.

One of the key features of The Ghillie is its versatility. It can be fished on a floating line, a sinking line, or even as part of a traditional Spey casting technique. This makes it an ideal pattern for use in a variety of fishing conditions, whether you're targeting salmon in a fast-flowing river or calmer waters.

The Ghillie is particularly effective in Scotland, where it is a popular fly among anglers in rivers and streams throughout the country, including on the Isle of Skye. Its vibrant colours and lifelike movement in the water make it a highly effective pattern that is sure to catch the attention of any passing salmon.

Creator of this salmon atlantic fly: Tony Black

Country of origin for this salmon atlantic fly: Murthly, Scotland

This salmon atlantic fly is designed to be fished on Rivers & Streams

Pattern Dressings

  • Tied to either a Salar or Partridge Gold Double
  • The wing of the fly is made from black and yellow feather fibres, which create a striking contrast that is sure to catch the eye of salmon
  • The tail consists of red fibres

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