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Green Highlander Francis Dress

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About the Green Highlander Francis Salmon Atlantic Fly

This Dress Fly comes included with our Fish4Flies display box, making it an ideal gift for fisherman alike.

Originally known as "The Highlander" in Francis but there was no green in the Francis "Highlander", later there was "The Green Highlander" listed in Kelson's book. Also the olive green mohair of Francis developed into the green Seal's fur in Major Grant pattern (1860) in Kelson. This dressing requires green swan in the wing. The modern version of the famous fully dressed pattern uses hair-wing. It mixes colours of the bucktail to form the wing rather than the feathers of the now endangered exotic birds of the original. There are and have been very few green classic salmon flies, green flies never became popular in Great Britain in times past unlike today.

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