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What flies has Dan Blanton created?

Dan Blanton is a well known in the fly-fishing circuit as one of the early pioneers of Saltwater fly-fishing dating back as far back as the late 1960s.

From California, Dan has designed and created many famous saltwater patterns, including the Whistler series, Punch series and Sar-Mul-Mac series, Sea Arrow Squid and Bay-Delta Eelet, along with many others.

As an author, his writing has received awards for his work on fly-fishing and contributions to the sport. Today he is an editor for Fly Fishing Salt Waters magazine, fly fisherman magazine and California Fly Fisher, among writing for many others throughout his career.

You can find more information at his official website Dan Blanton, including an online community, while some of his patterns are available below.

Flies relating to Dan Blanton

Dan Blanton is mentioned in 13 flies within our catalogue. Of course, there are most likely more flies relating to this, but here is just a sample of the patterns: