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Copper John Fly

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When should I fish with the Copper John?

This graph shows trends of when fly fishermen use the Copper John to fish with and what hooks are most popular throughout the fly-fishing season.

About the Copper John Trout Fly

The Copper John is a simple pattern that has become a classic that brings fish to the net regularly on a diversity of waters such as English Chalk Streams, waters throughout the Sierras and Alaskan Creeks.

It imitates or suggests a wide range of larvae/ aquatic insects, especially when tied with the appropriate coloured wire.

It can be fished either singly or as a dropper of a terrestrial or a bushy dry fly.

It is ideal for those bottom hugging winter Grayling.

Expert Tip:

Copper John is dressed to sink like a stone, rapidly descending to where the shy and big fish feed. It is dressed with sufficient flash to attract and stimulate the trout's interest.

Creator of this trout fly: John Barr

This trout fly is designed to be fished on Dams & Reservoirs, Rivers & Streams, Still Water

Pattern Dressings

  • Hook : 2X heavy, 2X long nymph or streamer hook. Sizes 10-14.
  • Bead : Gold cyclops bead, size to match hook.
  • Weight, optional : .015 lead wire.
  • Thread : Black, 8/0 or 70 denier.
  • Tails : Brown goose biots.
  • Abdomen : Copper ultra wire, brassie size.
  • Wing case (top) : Pearl flashabou, saltwater size.
  • Wing case (bottom) : Strip of black thin skin, slightly narrower than the width of the hook gap.
  • Thorax: Peacock herl.
  • Legs: Speckled brown hen hackle.
  • Adhesive: 5 minute epoxy.

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