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Suspender Top Hat Buzzer Fly

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When should I fish with the Suspender Top Hat Buzzer?

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About the Suspender Top Hat Buzzer Trout Fly

The Suspender Top Hat Buzzer, an innovative fly fishing pattern, merges the allure of a natural midge pupa with the versatility sought by anglers targeting fish at various depths. Also known as a top hat dry fly, this pattern has risen in popularity for its effectiveness in enticing fish that are feeding just under or at the surface.

Distinct from traditional dry flies like CDC, hackled, or deer hair flies, the Suspender Top Hat Buzzer can be fished under the surface, on it, or even below it when paired with an intermediate line. Its design shines when used as a point fly in the washing line method, appealing to fish feeding in different water columns.

The Suspender Top Hat Buzzer is meticulously crafted to mimic the segmented, translucent body of a midge pupa, with the buoyant 'top hat' simulating the natural struggle of an emerging insect. This realism, combined with the fly's adaptability, makes it a powerful choice for anglers aiming to outwit fish during midge hatches or when fish are selectively feeding just below the surface.

Whether fished in still waters or slow-moving streams, the Suspender Top Hat Buzzer's innovative design and functional versatility make it a valuable addition to any fly angler's arsenal, promising an enhanced fishing experience and improved success rates.

Expert Tip:

The fly's standout feature is its generous, perfectly round, and smooth foam head, which not only adds to its buoyant properties but also allows for customizable buoyancy. Anglers can trim the foam to achieve the desired flotation level, enabling them to match the fly's presentation with the feeding patterns of their target species.

This trout fly is designed to be fished on Dams & Reservoirs, Rivers & Streams, Still Water

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