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Black Devil Nymph Fly

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About the Black Devil Nymph Trout Fly

Ken Joslin created this Black Devil Nymph.

"I first tied in the 70's before flying to the US in May, fishing in Michigan and down through New York State, accounting for wild browns and rainbows.

I visited the Cortland factory on spec and had a tour of the production line with one of the directors, being given, gratis, one of their fly lines."

Expert Tip:

Among the anglers on my Whitewater stretch at Bramshill, this nymph was a legend and I gave many away. It was named by a Scottish friend, when I fished as his guest on the Avon at Amesbury.

That day I could not help catching on it. I walked up to my friend, who had been casting to a rising fish for 15 minutes, changing flies constantly. He suggested I had a go, cast above it, but wide, letting it run down before a recast, the trout turned and chased the fly downstream and hooked itself.

John moaned, "What fly was that, the Black Devil I suppose?" All in the best Scottish accent of course. John tied up some replicas, but he is a much better tyer than me and they were too neat, my rough ones worked much better.

Creator of this trout fly: Ken Joslin

This trout fly is designed to be fished on Rivers & Streams

Pattern Dressings

  • The Black Devil has heavy copper wire tied in straight along the back, then brought back to the thorax.
  • The breathing tubes are brilliant white baby wool, tied flat along the body, tail to head, covered by black silk, allowing the white to show through.
  • The thorax is doubled brown marabou herl, tied in with the black silk, which continues through to finish the head over the breathing tubes.

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