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Black Nomad Fly

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When should I fish with the Black Nomad?

This graph shows trends of when fly fishermen use the Black Nomad to fish with and what hooks are most popular throughout the fly-fishing season.

About the Black Nomad Trout Fly

The Black Nomad is an ideal all round lure for rainbows and browns on still waters of all sizes.
It is a great search pattern,that often works best late in the season.

This fly has the bead tied further back so that the fly will sink at an even rate to give is a better chance of hooking on the drop.

Expert Tip:

A small lure with a big reputation and all thanks to unsung fly tying hero, Rob Spiller.
Charles Jardine (Fly Fishing & Fly Tying) July 2001.

Creator of this trout fly: Rob Spiller

Tier of this trout fly: Mandy Shelvey

Country of origin for this trout fly: England

This trout fly is designed to be fished on Dams & Reservoirs, Still Water

Pattern Dressings

  • Hook : 10-12.
  • Bead : 3 mm to 4 mm brass, gold plated or tungsten
  • Head : Fluorescent Green Glo Brite Floss, cone shape build up. Epoxy to finish.
  • Body : Black Fritz.
  • Tail : Black marabou, 1 to 2 inches beyond the hook bend.

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