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Olive Dun Fly

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When should I fish with the Olive Dun?

This graph shows trends of when fly fishermen use the Olive Dun to fish with and what hooks are most popular throughout the fly-fishing season.

About the Olive Dun Trout Fly

The Olive Dun, a dry-winged pattern, is an important and highly effective imitation of a fly that is a staple part of the trout's diet throughout the fishing season. This pattern, with its lifelike dry wings and realistic body, provides a convincing representation of the natural insect and is sure to entice fish to rise to the surface. The Olive Dun is a must-have for any angler's fly box, especially when fishing during hatches of these insects.

Expert Tip:

The Dun is a stage in the lifecycle of certain aquatic insects, such as mayflies, that are important food sources for trout and other freshwater fish.

The Dun stage is between the nymph and the adult. During this stage, the insect hatches from its nymphal shuck and rises to the surface of the water to rest before taking flight as an adult. At this point, Duns are extremely vulnerable to predatory fish, so this proves the best time to imitated by fly anglers.

Fly patterns that imitate the Dun stage, such as the Olive Dun, are designed to mimic the appearance, behaviour, and movement of these insects as they drift on the surface of the water. These flies are a natural food source that is readily available to trout, making them a highly effective option for catching fish in a variety of water conditions.

Creator of this trout fly: Anon

Tier of this trout fly: Mandy Shelvey

Country of origin for this trout fly: England

This trout fly is designed to be fished on Rivers & Streams, Still Water

Pattern Dressings

  • Hook : 14-18.
  • Thread : Primrose.
  • Tail : Three olive cock fibres.
  • Body : Medium olive seal's fur dubbing.
  • Hackles : Olive cock fibres.
  • Wing : Starling.

This is an authentic tying for the Olive Dun that has stood the test of time. Always match the colour of the body to the hackles.

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