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What is a floatant used for in fly fishing?

When fishing with a nymph, it is important to coat the last 2ft to 3ft of your floating line with a floatant; the end of your fly line is your indicator.

When using a naturally dressed Dry Fly, dust with a little floatant, however a synthetic dressed Dry Fly has better results by using a more robust floatant such Gink or something similar.

Fishing with Klinkhamer's and Emergers you will want the body to sit 'in' the water and require the hackle and wing to sit 'on' the surface film. To achieve this apply floatant such as Gink to the area you want to sit on the water, in this instance the hackle and wing only.

Note: It is not advisable to use floatants on CDC feathers, as this can damage their natural ability to float on the surface film.

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