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What is Catch and Release?

Catch and release means what the name suggests; it is the practice of releasing the fish back to freedom after a successful catch has been made, and of course after you've taken enough photos with the fish, remembering to uploaded your catch shots to us for everyone to see!

This practice of catch-and-release is a way to help conserve the resources of nature and maintain healthy fish stocks in the area. In some rivers and still waters the owners and / or state fishing regulations strictly enforce this, even as a legal requirement to release what you have caught. Other areas allow you to keep a certain number of catches, and some state that you must keep the first x number of fish and throw the rest back, preventing fisherman from selecting the best fishes to keep and hence keeping a healthy range of fish sizes within the water.

Flies relating to Catch-and-Release

Catch-and-Release is mentioned in 1 flies within our catalogue. Of course, there are most likely more flies relating to this, but here is just a sample of the patterns: