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Ridgeback Nymph Red Fly

This fly is one of our library flies.

You can register your interest by stating code '817' and any preference on hook sizes. If we get enough requests, we will have this pattern tied up!

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About the Ridgeback Nymph Red Trout Fly

The Ridgeback is a great fly on its day, especially the red one. A great bob fly.

Use a Floating Line and a long de-greased leader and watch for the take on the drop. Fish as any nymph using either a slow figure of eight, or alternatively short sharp jerks.

Expert Tip:

When I moved down from Rhodisia in 1979, I changed its name from "Hairy Back" to Ridgeback, as the name "Hairyback was used by the English to describe the Afrikaans, in the same way that the Afrikaans referred to the English as "Rooineks" or "rednecks"!

Rather lke the names used in the U.K. "Sassenach",- being rude to each other in a friendly way.

Creator of this trout fly: Harry Stewart

Tier of this trout fly: Harry Stewart

Country of origin for this trout fly: South Africa

This trout fly is designed to be fished on Dams & Reservoirs, Still Water fish


  • Hook : 8-10 .
  • Tail : Bunch of fibres from a long black hackle.
  • Body : Red chenille and rabbit fur.
  • Wings : 2 small partridge hackles.
  • Beard hackle : Black cock fibres.
  • Head : Tying thread 0/6 with whip finish.

Tie in the olive chenille at the tail, wind to half way along the shank. Hold and tie in a bunch of wild rabbit fur on top, then continue winding the chenille to head. Leave room to tie in another bunch of rabbit fur on top. Tie in 2 small partridge hackles, one on either side, to reach approximately a third of the length of the shank. Tie in beared hackle and create head, tying thread 0/6 with whip finish. Long shank.

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