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Stewarts Black Millionaire Taddy Fly

This fly is one of our library flies.

You can register your interest by stating code '740' and any preference on hook sizes. If we get enough requests, we will have this pattern tied up!

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About the Stewarts Black Millionaire Taddy Trout Flies Fly

Although this fly was developed for the rivers of the Eastern Cape, where local fishermen have caught monsters with it, it has also proved to be very successful in New Zealand's fast flowing rivers.

It is best used an hour before dark, with sinking, intermediate or a Floating Line.

Expert Tip:

I discovered that as well as an excellent river fly, I had created a great still water fly.
It represents ANYTHING a fish likes!

Creator of this trout flies fly: Harry Stewart

Tier of this trout flies fly: Harry Stewart

Country of origin for this trout flies fly: South Africa

This trout flies fly is designed to be fished on Dams & Reservoirs, Rivers & Streams, Still Water fish


  • Hook : Size 8.
  • Silk : Black.
  • Body : Strip of Black Mink.
  • Tail : Black Marabou with 3 or 4 lengths of different coloured strong, narrow, flat mylar/flashabou.
  • Head : 2mm Bead Gold or Copper.

The weight problem was solved by using beads, copper, brass, silver or gold. I started off with a a strip of mink as a tail, plus mink wound around hook for body. I wanted to represent the tadpole. However as it proved to be sluggish more mobility was needed. so I substituted mink tail with long marabou adding strands of flashabou.

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