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Hairy Clan Chief Bomber Fly

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  • 12

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About the Hairy Clan Chief Bomber Trout Fly

"The Hairys". The basic secret of the Hairy Clan Chief Bomber, as with all Hairy flies and bug patterns is the pulsing action of the hair hackle. Hair is substituted for feathers found in the traditional patterns. This pattern as with all my Hairys have a natural action in the water and it is imperative that fishermen remember that artificial fliesat the end of their leader act like living organisms.
Normal fishing methods should be used when fishing the "Hairys" - Gordon (2002)

Expert Tip:

Creator of this trout fly: Gordon Mackenzie

Tier of this trout fly: Gordon Mackenzie

Country of origin for this trout fly: UK


  • Hook : 8 - 14
  • Thread : Black
  • Tag : Silver tinsel
  • Tail : Red over yellow fluorescent antron
  • Rib : Built in wire stem of preformed hackle
  • Body : Black deer body hair
  • Palmered Body Hackle : Black and red squirrel tail
  • Head Hackle : Soft black hair

Partridge YL2A, TMC 102 Y

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