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Shrimper Fly

This fly is one of our library flies which we do not stock.

We do supply this fly for trade customers, for orders of 10 doz or more. Please contact us for more information.

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About the Shrimper Trout Fly

The Shrimper is an imitation of the freshwater shrimp that forms an important part of the staple diet of Trout, on many waters.

Expert Tip:

Creator of this trout fly:

Tier of this trout fly: Mandy Shelvey

Country of origin for this trout fly: UK / USA

This trout fly is designed to be fished on Rivers & Streams, Still Water fish


  • Hook : 10 - 14
  • Thread : Brown or olive
  • Underbody : Lead wire , to suit
  • Body : Olive seal's fur or superfine dubbing
  • Rib : Orange silk
  • Palmered Hackle : Olive cock
  • Back : Transparant polythene or similar

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