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Palmered Eyed Dog Nobbler Black Fly

This fly is one of our library flies.

You can register your interest by stating code '1612' and any preference on hook sizes. If we get enough requests, we will have this pattern tied up!

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About the Palmered Eyed Dog Nobbler Black Trout Flies Fly

The Palmered Eyed Dog Nobbler Black is a variant of one of the best killing patterns of all time, The Nobbler.

It is weighted so sinks fast, for when the trout are lying deep, and for when they are feeding just below the surface retrieve just after it hits the water.

For cold, windy conditions, use the larger size 8 and for normal conditions the size 10 is deadly. If the water is clear and the fish are shy then try size 12.

Expert Tip:

The Nobbler kills trout throughout the year and is available in a range of sizes and colours to suit all conditions.

Creator of this trout flies fly: Sid Knight

Tier of this trout flies fly: Sid Knight

Country of origin for this trout flies fly: England

This trout flies fly is designed to be fished on Dams & Reservoirs, Still Water fish


  • Hook : 8-12.
  • Thread : Black.
  • Tail : Black marabuo with four strands of pearl tinsel.
  • Body : Black chenille.
  • Rib : Silver wire.
  • Palmered Hackle : Black cock.
  • Head : Lead substitute, super glue with a yellow painted eye and black pupil.

For extra weight lead wire on the shank can be added.

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