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Royal Wulff Fly

This fly is one of our library flies.

You can register your interest by stating code '967' and any preference on hook sizes. If we get enough requests, we will have this pattern tied up!

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About the Royal Wulff Trout Fly

According to A J McClane, Reuben Cross was asked by L Q Quakenbush to come up with something to replace the fragile wings on the fan wing Royal Coachman. Cross selected calftail and the 'Quack' or rather better known the 'Royal Wulff' was born

Expert Tip:

Why, it may be asked, do we go fishing? Easily we may say because we enjoy it; easily but inadequately. Our enjoyment has profound roots inseparably attached to the vast interknitted rhythms of life on earth. We are of earth; as every butterfly and bug and fish and flower is of earth so
are we. We have no glory which is not of earth. From earth we come, to earth we return. In fishing as in few other things we have the keenest - indeed ecstatic - sense of this most worshipful relationship. Bernard Venables (died April 2001)

Creator of this trout fly: Reuben Cross

Tier of this trout fly: Allan Podell

Country of origin for this trout fly: America - Catskills

This trout fly is designed to be fished on Rivers & Streams, Still Water fish


  • Hook : 10 - 16
  • Thread : Black
  • Tail : Elk or moose body hair
  • Wing : White calf tail (bucktail)
  • Body : Peacock herl, red floss, peacock herl
  • Hackle : Coachman brown

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