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Red Tag Fly

This fly is one of our library flies.

You can register your interest by stating code '801' and any preference on hook sizes. If we get enough requests, we will have this pattern tied up!

In the mean time, please view our other similar flies that we have in stock.

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About the Red Tag Trout Flies Fly

This fly was originally called the Worcester Gem and is thought to have been created in Worcester circa 1850.

It is a good "all rounder" being a classic pattern for trout throughout the season and Grayling from November to April.

Expert Tip:

And hoary frosts do hang from every bough,
where freshest leaves of summer late did grow.
John Dennys 1613.

Creator of this trout flies fly: M Flynn (1850)

Tier of this trout flies fly: Mandy Shelvey

Country of origin for this trout flies fly: England

This trout flies fly is designed to be fished on Rivers & Streams


  • Hook : 12-16.
  • Thread : Black.
  • Tail : Red wool.
  • Body : Peacock Herl, bronze.
  • Hackle : Natural red cock.

You can best fish it dry with a longer tag. The tag can always be trimmed to suit the style and requirements of the day. Partridge L3B Captain Hamilton Dry Fly Up Eye.

Comments from other fly fishermen

I have have decent success with this fly for sea run trout, both as a dry drift and while doing a strip reteive. It shines under water running just under the surface during retreival. - Posted by on 10/06/2009

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